A.M. Look 4/14/20

Silver would need two closes over last night’s high to continue higher.
Gold is trading from one level on the sheets to the next.

Aussie would need to hold above 63.36 after today’s G-7 call to remind firm.

GBP...will react to mvg avg resistance as it tries to retest 127.38.
I have a higher swing count.

The rest of the majors are a trade by the numbers affair.

Oil…so much for the really great negotiator.
We’ve been harping on it in the Room. Everyone will use the rallies to hedge!
Trade the gap.

Spoo’s...show a double top on the 100X3.
Nasd and Nasd names have been the ticket to ride. It remains firm above 8326.

Best read Yra’s comments if you haven’t.

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