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Daily Market Intelligence 5/11/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-11-20

A.M. Look 5/8/20

Kal caught a typo on the new Matrix sheet. The last Spoo target begins with a 3 not a 2 Spoo…Pit gap 2895 Nasd 100 Pit Gap.9126. Spoo..filled out the top of value on the 100X3 Upside area has not … Continue reading

April WhiteWave Update

                                                   Forecast January saw our models go neutral. We’ve been defensive Equities favoring the Long side of Gold and Treasuries.Our Risk Models turned up the beginning of April. They are once again signaling caution. We expect volatility to remain heightened … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/4/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-4-20

A.M. Look 5/1/20

Markets are screaming May Day! Yesterday Yra and I had a conversation with Richard Bonugli of Cedarportfoilo.com. He’s the gentleman that has all those marvelous interviews with top economists and portfolio managers we love to listen to. It started off … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/30/20

Everyone is waiting on the ECB. Bunds are in rally mode expecting more liquidity from Lagarde. Gilts are up with the Pounds as the continent seems to be voting with their money. Nasd/Bonds rejected its 200 DMA on a first … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/30/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-30-20

A.M. Look 4/29/20

Silver rolled to July (N). If you use an Active Daily Continuation you’ll be looking at the correct chart. Silver Vs Euro & Swiss Franc Futures show upside breakout potential. Silver (N) 15.59, its 50 DMA, needs to be sustained … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/29/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-29-20

A.M. Look 4/28/20

No worries you can go out and get Tattooed as the expectation is that the Fed will be there for any market downturn. Last night I was focused on 2855 Spoo. Focus now shifts to the Risk spreads that are … Continue reading