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Daily Market Intelligence 6/17/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:17:22

Daily Market Intelligence 6/16/22

3-100 point Spoo moves. Firstly they hit my reversal levels just shy of Mortimers’ and then round tripped to the Matrix. Then we got the rebound printing his first posted level followed by another 50 point wiggle to come up … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/14/22

Last night in the room I thought the next wiggle was up ib the Indices.The wiggle did not get high enough! Spoo 3825 print was needed for first signs of bottoming. Looking for a two way probe in Indices with … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/14/22

Spoo came close enough to a caution level to square up and wait out the next day or so. Italian Debt is at a major inflection level. Bono’s have done a big part of its downside swing. U.S. debt has … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/13/22

Welcome to the trifecta of bad news week with a Full Moon tomorrow! Indices and Bonds have run near term stops all making slightly lower lows from the last swing. Hello Houston! We have a problem with the short end … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/9/22

Spoo & Nasd have hit initial downside levels. It will not pay to sell weakness early into these areas, late day is a different conversation. Energy…higher.

Daily Market Intelligence 6/9/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:9:22

A.M. Look 6/8/22

Spoo…support is 4130- 4120 with 4125 being the reversal # on the 50X3 Oil Pit chart.

Daily Market Intelligence 6/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:8:22

A.M. Look 6/7/22

Spoo…4079.50 is the flat part of the cloud o the 50X3. It will act as initial support and a magnet line until this part of the cloud is worked through. Gold put in a reversal on the 100X3. Dow/Gold is … Continue reading