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A.M. Look 10/20/20

Buckle up for today’s drama. Stimulus, Will they or won’t they? Spoo’s have given me what I was looking for. Spoo/Bond retested its breakdown level from yesterday. Russell…point of control is 1626.80. NFLX after the close. Looking at the weekly, … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/20/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-20-20

A.M. Look 10/19/20

China economic news is improving. The interesting tidbit was the 1 Million dollar Eurodollar Options bet via puts on rising rates that could pay out 50-1. Indices are right where they were @ 2 P.M. CDT before OP EX Friday. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/19/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-19-20

A.M. Look 10/16/20

XRT..Retail was on the boil yesterday. Fast Food names, RL,TPR,GPS,LEVI,GOOS,CROX. Low grade dog food and what’s on everybody’s shopping list for the holidays. Spoo’s should hold above 3468.75. Looking for 3519.75 to fill out the 50X3. Small and Midcap weighted … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/16/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-16-20

A.M. Look 10/15/20

New Covid lock-down protocols for Europe are running the Indices. Last night the DAX elected its ORL weekly sell stops @ 12,709.5 This is now the point of control. Nasd 100 dropped to its bounce level @ the bottom of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/15/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-15-20

A.M. Look 10/14/20

Mid-Week Shuffle You know the drill Spoo’s currently stuck between 3490 & 3516 on the short term Point & Figure. Goldman earnings were good. The stock is still in nowhere land. It will take a few days over 219 to … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/14/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-14-20