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Daily Market Intelligence 4/15/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-15-20

A.M. Look 4/14/20

Silver would need two closes over last night’s high to continue higher. Gold is trading from one level on the sheets to the next. Aussie would need to hold above 63.36 after today’s G-7 call to remind firm. GBP…will react … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/2/20

Oil…20 dollars is the current floor. Closing below all bets are off for some semblance of order in the Oil patch. Short term closing level is 21.84 to maintain above. Everything is a point to point trade. The Room has … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/30/20

Daily Market Intelligence 3-30-20

A.M. Look 3/25/20

Mid-Week Shuffle is in full swing. Individual names within Tech and Biotech will fare better than most other sectors. Gold/Bonds…was a great tell Monday. Time to leave this gestate and monitor for the next big move. Spoo’s..2500, the level the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/17/19

There is nothing to add today. The price movement over night was relegated to the Sterling. A correction in EUR/GBP and the GBP into support. There was a Bloomberg piece in the Economics section on the Riksbank, a subject we’ve … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/13/19

Daily Market Intelligence 12-13-19

Midday Missive

Spoo’s hit a major upside target and retraced 25 points to retest today’s upside breakout, giving a pause that could refresh. Hard to know what’s real other than to say Trump surely had the Bidet set on high when he started … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/12/19

Spoo’s are stuck. It will take price action into the 3160’s to turn up on the 100X3. 3151 has been tested 3 times on the 25X3. 8430 ish is the corresponding level in the Nasd. Risk spreads are positive. GBPUSD … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/6/19

Daily Market Intelligence 12-6-19