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Daily Market Intelligence 9/2/21

Late day we took a small flyer on some puts in the QQQ for Friday just because it’s Wednesday. We chose the Puts so its a pass line bet. You either win or you lose the premium, but the loss … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/22/21

Daily Market Intelligence 7:22:21

A.M. Look 7/1/21

It’s a commodity led morning. Oil is trading @ its .618 of the life of Oil. No buying strength into the level. Soybeans have completed a 50% retrace of the break. Be patient. Silver is leading the precious metals, with … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/25/21

Rouble and the Peso stick out in FX land. DXJ, hedged Japan, shows up on pattern recognition. I will review after the opening. Gold has been maintaining against the 30 yr. Bond, Rouble & Peso. Silver keeps closing above its … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/21/21

Spoo’s got hit Friday on Jens Weidmann comments that ECB should start to taper. Typically, indices see a lot of range trading into month end. May Spoo made a wiggle down towards its Pit Gap and opened higher in the … Continue reading

A.M. look 6/18/21

Yesterday saw what happens to fundamental traders that know where the market is supposed to be. They were massively rinsed because they do not use stops. Their stop is when a PM taps them out. Soybeans and Wheat Put in … Continue reading

A.M. Look 6/1/21

I awoke to editorial rubbish from Bloomberg opinion writer John Authers. Spoo/Bond doesn’t work! Maybe I should send him my Adam Johnson interview? I guess I can safely take him off my reading list. 30 yr. Yield will take above … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/28/21

Cliff notes again tonight. Month end tomorrow! Nothing matters but the closes. Yen crosses were in play driven by Olympic cancellation news. Russell gained against big cap tech and Spoo. Gold/Silver retreated to it’s 50 DMA Gold would require an … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/24/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:24:21

A.M. Look 5/17/21

Discovery A is in play with the AT&T deal. Soros picked up the leavings on the selloff and will now be rewarded. Crypto succumbed to Musk rumors over the weekend that he sold his Bitcoin. He’s since, recanted that story. … Continue reading