Whitewave is the evolution of our proprietary trading company at the CME.  We’ve traded Equities,  Equity Indices,  ETF’s,  broad market sectors,  Foreign Exchange,  global interest rates, Commodities and Metals for over four decades.

Our Chief Global Strategist started as an Arbitrage Clerk on the CME in 1974, became a successful Proprietary Trader and has over 48 years of market experience, knowledge and expertise to navigate various market conditions.

We have a pragmatic disciplined approach utilizing our proprietary model developed over forty years that keeps one on the right side of Risk and Risk Management generating real-time actionable trades with positive returns.

Our Technical Template for Long-Term Investing gets rave reviews from our RIA clientele.

Judd’s Room is a community of highly successful professional traders and investors with decades of experience and knowledge.

Room members trade all asset classes with differing methodology.

Whitewave is not green light red light trading!

We do not sell or promote free indicators with limited utility.

We do not promote or endorse high speed tick trading.

We do not promote sub hourly technicals.

We do not promote rapid mouse clicking.

We do not talk money. We respect out clients and those with smaller accounts are as important as those with bigger accounts. Instead, we focus on trade location, position size and money management.

You must be willing to give yourself the time to learn to be successful.

Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

This alone is worth the price of admission, since it will be money not burned learning the hard way.

The short-term traders in this room are looking to take big chunks out of the market.

Limiting your knowledge base caps your earnings potential and longevity in the industry.

The less you trade the more you’ll make!

Successful trading and investing is hard work. There is no Holy Grail!


Whitewave’s focus is Relevant-Real Time Information


Instruments are driving the markets


To enter with known risk


To be involved