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A.M. Look 6/11/21

Energy looks to extend. Software companies had lots of positive patterns yesterday. Copper will need to maintain above its 50 DMA to stay positive. It’s Friday. Index traders should look for an early flow and then another wiggle very late … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/9/21

Daily Market Intelligence 6:9:21

A.M. Look 6/3/21

The selling started in London. DAX & FTSE have elected their daily ORL sell stops and are now into initial support. Spoo…short term averages come in from 4177-72. 4150 print is needed for a reversal on the 100X3, which would … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/3/21

Daily Market Intelligence 6:3:21

A.M. Look 6/1/21

I awoke to editorial rubbish from Bloomberg opinion writer John Authers. Spoo/Bond doesn’t work! Maybe I should send him my Adam Johnson interview? I guess I can safely take him off my reading list. 30 yr. Yield will take above … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/24/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:24:21

A.M. Look 5/21/21

Spoo/Bond daily cloud reinforces the notion that we’re in a consolidation phase the can last a month before something gives. Price action is going sideways, which looks like a time correction, waiting for the cloud. Gold is gaining on Copper. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/21/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:21:21

A.M. Look 5/12/21

Spoo…4120.50 ( weekly ORL#) is the point of control. Spoo risk spread has the potential to drop out of it’s uptrend and go neutral. This mid-week shuffle will reveal who is in control of the market. Russell & Midcap are … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/12/21

Daily Market Intelligence 5:12:21