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WhiteWave is a highly specialized Boutique Shop, focusing on the individual needs of a diverse worldwide clientele. Born from Proprietary Trading, WhiteWave has nearly five decades of experience trading Stocks, Bonds, Foreign Exchange, Options and Commodities.

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A daily look at global macro setups with an actionable outline of risk parameters.

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Judd, I followed you for 3 months before I subscribed to the matrix #’s. Then, the light went on and I understood what you were saying. When I became profitable using your methodology I stepped up and took your course. It’s been life changing!

- David Monoszon

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Look at recent market analysis and trade assessments.

A.M. Look 3/27/23

Spoo’s…looking at the mid to high 40’s for initial resistance. 30 Yr. time frames look different. 129.31 is the reversal #. 30 Yr. will find bounce levels every full point lower. Risk spreads are positive but I have no wish … Continue reading

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