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Daily Market Intelligence 1/19/21

Daily Market Intelligence 1-19-21

A.M. Look 1/14/21

Gold’s fate is tied to the 30 Yr. Futures. 30 Yr. Future is running Russell. Both are into a level that technicians would want to see hold. Let the day unfold.

A.M. Look 1/13/21

It’s just the beginning of the year and I feel if as if it’s the end of last. Amazing how the send buttons work. Your DMI should be in your in box. Corn & Wheat joined the Soybean rally last … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/11/21

The two things that stand out in the news are the differing views posted on the front page of the FT vs. U.S. media on last weeks events. Bitcoin started weakening over the weekend and gained momentum with a strengthening … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 1-11-21

A.M. Look 1/8/21

Hot off the press! I just finished. Awesome. Great minds! https://youtu.be/GQXLPNEl8zc In two days Gold has filled out its 100X3 GoldinEuro is at a must hold level. Gold/Bitcoin is just starting the swing in which Bitcoin has already completed its … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/7/21

30 Yr. Bonds have come into a level that will take further price action to violate. Do interest rate differentials matter? The Dollar and the precious metals seem to have initially reacted as one would expect from a steepening curve. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/6/21

Daily Market Intelligence 1-6-21

A.M. Look 12/18/20

Let price come to you today. Looking for a different game to be played out after 2 CDT with options pinning. Corn is @ oscillator resistance with Soybeans above. Indices are Bullish. Copper is leading in the metals space today. … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/17/20

Bitcoin started the rally last night. Everything else followed. Rough targets were put out last night. Initial rough target is just shy of 25K. I’ll update the currencies matrix levels later. Gold…has completed a .618 retrace for the past 2 … Continue reading