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Daily Market Intelligence 11/23/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-23-21

A.M.Look 11/22/21

Gold finally put in a reversal on the 100X3. This needs to gestate before considering another long. GoldinEuro needs to at least catch up to the purple momentum line. Time correction or just a correction? Either way it will be … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/17/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-17-21

A.M. Look 11/11/21

Spoo Pit/ 30 yr. Yield picked up the 4625 reversal level in the mini’s. 4675 is the upside reversal # on the 50X3 The more confirming data you can find for a trade the higher confidence you will have trading … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-11-21

Daily Market Intelligence 11/8/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-8-21

A.M. Look 10/22/21

Gold…1800, its 200 DMA, is still resistance. Spoo’s flirting with ATH. Don’t fade the flow late day.

Daily Market Intelligence 10/14/21

Indices are stuck for now. Yields ran the FX & Precious metals rally. Below is today’s live session for the CME collegiate trading challenge. Yra and Andrew graciously share their trading experience and wisdom. There is a lot in this … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/13/21

SX22..Jan Soybeans above 12.11 have bounce potential. Late day the room discussed interest rates with Yra. This current bounce was triggered off a technical level in Gilts and the 30 Yr. Monthly cloud. The yield shows mvg avg support @ … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/12/21

Spoo’s have completed its initial downside swing in early Asian trade. 4362.50 print confirms the initial low. Spoo/Bond held momentum support. GoldinEuro has stabilized above its 50 DMA. Crude held the 80 retest matching the low in the indices.