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A.M. Look 3/14/22

The long end of the curve is driving the board. Waiting for the next shoe to drop and that is China! Platinum is into support. Copper hit support @ 4.49. The game is afoot with a Full Moon Thursday into … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/14/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:14:22

A.M. Look 3/11/22

Europe, Singapore, India and Toronto have bullish formations. U.S Indices. and the Yen crosses have done nothing more than a small 50% retrace of this past range. In other words I’m not getting sucked into taking positions based off of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/11/22

Agco is one of the better looking ag related names. Ag names in general all act well. PSX held it’s 200 DMA and rallied along with the rest of the sector Long Bonds have retreated it’s .618, the spot the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/10/22

Spoo…4223 ish is first support. 4200 is needed for a reversal on the 100X3 Gold is trying to hold. Expect more┬ávolatility during the ECB Q&A.

Daily Market Intelligence 3/10/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:10:22

A.M. Look 3/9/22

I have room in the Spoo back to the upper 4270’s Oil has a stranded close @ 123.70 on the Pit chart EUR/CHF is in relief rally mode that is now into resistance. Spoo/Bond daily is into resistance. Let the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/9/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:9:22 Daily Market Intelligence 3:9:22

A.M. Look 3/8/22

Spoo/Bond 2669-79is the Qtrly breakdown level.2669 is Pit U.S. session. The wild trade will continue as horror is inflicted on the Ukrainian people and the scum of the earth figure out how to profiteer from their misery! There is no … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:8:22