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A.M. Look 9/25/20

Market sentiment faded all night as the world has come to the realization that the likelihood of further stimulus seems unrealistic. Spoo’s failed 3 times over the past 16 hours at key upside hurdles. The weekend news cycle will be … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/25/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-25-20

A.M. Look 9/24/20

Strong Greenback is correlating with sellers in the Commodity sector. Spoo’s have a potential double bottom and would need a 3243.75 print for any recovery. Russell is bouncing off its Matrix level. 1456.62 is today’s 200 DMA A close above … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/24/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-24-20

A.M. Look 9/23/20

Spoo…3320’s is near term resistance to work through. Daily Continuation shows the rollover gap @ 3326.25 – 3341.75. I’m looking for the Spoo’s to fill the gap and over run it to the upside by 10-15 points. Spoo denominated in … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/23/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-23-20

A.M. Look 9/22/20

Amazon gap will run price action in the Nasd. Indices saw another covid sell off last night that did not get any traction. Spoo…looking for continued strength into Thursday. 3300 print turns the 100X3. Nasd should print another 80-90 points … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/22/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-22-20

A.M. Look 9/18/20

Matrix classes for the 3rd qtr. start up Tuesday @ 2 CDT at which time the room will close early. It’s not too late to get the full set of recordings and join in the live sessions. It’s the end of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/18/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-18-20