Pro Tips

A.M. Look 5/13/20

RBNZ said they would entertain negative rates. Kiwi Dollar paid the price for that lunacy. Druckenmiller Says Risk-Reward in Stocks Is Worst He’s Seen Powell will be speaking via video conference today. Negative rates will be on the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/11/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-11-20

A.M. Look 5/8/20

Kal caught a typo on the new Matrix sheet. The last Spoo target begins with a 3 not a 2 Spoo…Pit gap 2895 Nasd 100 Pit Gap.9126. Spoo..filled out the top of value on the 100X3 Upside area has not … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/5/20

Pattern Alert; All these names show ORH potential bottoming. If you’ve an interest in the name or sector do the work. XRT, VMC, CX, ECL, FCX, CHGG, EXAS, NKTR, STNE, HEAR, ETSY, MLM, AEP, CVNA, ETSY, YEXT, RH, SERV, OLLI … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/5/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-5-20

A.M. Look 5/4/20

Spoo’s went to the bottom of value in early Asian trade and held for a sizable bounce. Nasd 100 will take sustained and closing price action under 8555 to weaken further. I’m expecting to see a two way trade today … Continue reading

April WhiteWave Update

                                                   Forecast January saw our models go neutral. We’ve been defensive Equities favoring the Long side of Gold and Treasuries.Our Risk Models turned up the beginning of April. They are once again signaling caution. We expect volatility to remain heightened … Continue reading

Judd’s Room

Judd’s Room is a live forum, virtual pit, where Traders and Investors of all styles discuss current capital flows and exchange ideas. When Floor trading existed, back in the prehistoric era, traders use to stand around and exchange ideas and risk … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/4/20

Daily Market Intelligence 5-4-20

Midday Missive

Thanks to our friends @ Financial Repression Authority! We’re made stronger by the friends we meet and listen to. Yra has been looking for the Euro to rally. Richard had on a guest who was looking for a weaker Canadian Dollar. … Continue reading