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A.M. Look 5/6/22

Russell & Spoo trading unchanged on the week and month, with Nasd below. Euro & Aussie same story. 30 Yr. Bond Futures;136.16 is the rally level from 2018. Bonds already rallied a point off the level. A 140.00 print is … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/3/22

RBA lifted rates last nigh by .25%. Aussie rallied to 200 Week resistance. Spoo rallied into its low risk sell level. 30 Yr. Bonds show a double bottom on the 32X3. 142.00 print is needed for a reversal back to … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/1/22

I’m not interested in the # today. Save your bullets for later. You’d expect some Index buyers early given its the first of the month. The board went risk on right after the close with the Aussie leading the currency … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/17/22

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Oil…first retrace support is @ the Pit gap down to 99.10. Spoo’s…I’m currently conflicted as to which side of the market I wish to trade. 100X3 broke out. Is it a false breakout or a widening … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/28/22

April (J) Gold is front month. It’s trading 2 dollars over FEB (G). 2755 is today’s Spoo/Bond 200 DMA. Aussie is showing ORL month. Monday is month end! Spoo has traded to its 4260 qtly ORL level which today lines … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/27/22

Daily Market Intelligence 1-27-22

A.M. Look 12/3/21

Spoo filled out the 50X3 overnight. It held. The late game will be to see if the indices close higher on the week. Oil…69.80 is today’s 200 SMA. Aussie is weakening. Interim support should be matched up with 160.75 EUR/AUD, … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/24/21

When do Fibs matter? On a 2 decade swing with short term oversold condition into the intrinsic .618 on a Bloody Wednesday! Euro & Aussie are doing the same swing!!! No 5 second 5 minute charts here! These are quarterly … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/29/21

Daily Market Intelligence 9:29:21

Daily Market Intelligence 9/13/21

Daily Market Intelligence 9:13:21