Matrix Course

Matrix Course

The core of the investment process at WhiteWave is what we call the Matrix numbers.

The course will delve into how futures run the world and how global macro markets gravitate to these matrix numbers time and time again.

WhiteWave is offering a year-long course on how to generate the Matrix numbers for yourself, and how to use them over the rest of your investing career.

This is an in-depth course on how to build a reliable and repeatable price template for both short and long-term trading and investing. A basic financial vocabulary is required.

You have probably heard me say many times in the room “look at your sheets.” The numbers on the sheets are what you will learn to generate.

The course is a reflection of my 50 years of knowledge and experience and as such, we’ll also study: relationship trading, understanding and identifying capital flows, rollover trading, using futures to identify sectors of interest, sector rotation, when to trade, when not to trade, using the calendar to lower risk, and how to take a fundamental story and weave it into an invest able strategy.

The Financial Repression Authority podcasts listed below discuss some of these relationships and how to define and confirm ideas.

Financial Repression Authority Podcast 3/25/21 – Breaking down indices to find individual sectors and names

Repeatable pragmatic approach 6/22/21

Currently, there are only a few active individuals that possess this Matrix knowledge and skill set.

There are a few charlatans who claim to able to teach you my methodology.

Feel free to spend a lot of money to learn how to consistently lose money!

Don’t be pulled in by these mouse clickers trying to sell you the next get rich indicator.

I’ve had my fair share of individuals that have blown up their accounts following these false profits before finding me.

This is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to arm yourself with the knowledge and tools that will serve your investment career for the rest of your life.

What most investors don’t understand is that the markets have memory. One way or another, instruments always gravitate to the Matrix numbers-even after decades of time have passed. You may have heard me say many times “the levels never go away.” You’ll learn how and why.

I have spent the better part of 45 years generating and following this work. You have to see it live to truly understand it. I wish to share my 45 years of trading knowledge with clients who would like to dramatically improve their success rate. This is your chance to learn how to prepare an active investing template across multiple asset classes via a reliable and repeatable process that you will use for the rest of your investing career.

The matrix course will give you the knowledge and confidence to execute at high probability levels.

Invest in yourself and your future!

How It Will Work

Class members receive a Judd’s Room subscription. This will provide a collaborative forum with like minded investors and traders to share ideas and strategies.

Previous Matrix courses were offered with unlimited follow up access to me. This will no longer be the case.

All classes are live interactive exchanges between course participants that are recorded and watermarked for your future review. Class attendance is not mandatory, although highly encouraged.

Content is copyright protected.

Upon payment of the course tuition you will receive all the previous Matrix course recordings which began December 2018. There is currently over 30 hours of recorded class spanning 4 years that will help get you up to speed in order to prepare for your first live class.

Be advised that these recordings are Watermarked per user and are Password restricted.

The course includes full subscriber status for the term of the course, after which you are required to resubscribe and maintain subscription status to access the course recordings via your secure file.

Post course, continuing education which includes class participation and the associated recordings, are available upon request for a modest fee.

You will learn how to generate reliable equidistant targets.

You will learn and understand Outside Reversals and the proper charts to be using.

You will receive my files at the end of the program going back years so you won’t have to pull data.

Strategies for the day trader, the global macro investor, and the long-term global macro investor including RIA’s.


Tuition for the course: price upon request.

Tuition is non-refundable.

Acceptable payment is via wire or check. Once funds are cleared the course recordings will be rendered and sent. Invitations to ongoing classes will be posted and sent just prior to the recording.

All classes are recorded for your future study. Access to these recordings, after the class term, will require a current WhiteWave subscription.

A personal note to all potential and former subscribers;

Asking questions is an important part of learning. If you have a question please ask.

Client Feedback

Every one of your clients should pounce on this opportunity as I did. It has made me a better trader and better advisor and I have you to thank for it. Anyone that doesn’t take you up on this offer has no idea of the enormity they are giving up.

Best wishes,

I am completely beside myself. The stuff you have taught me and I absorbed 😊
It bloody works! I am sitting here with little stress trading fast moving markets Matrix to Matrix, sometimes sprinkling in an OR level.

Just amazing… and nice thing about it is when I go back to full time job, I will be able to work this without need to sit at computer.

Tell any of those guys questioning signing up…this matrix stuff…it flat out works!
Yesterday, you said in the room we’ll get a test of the matrix and then off to the races.

125 handle rally today… man o man.

Thanks again!

I followed you for 3 months before I subscribed to the matrix #’s.
Then, the light went on and understood what you were saying.
When I became profitable using your methodology I stepped up and took your course.

It’s been life changing!


Hi Judd,
Thanks for reaching out as a reminder. I won’t be renewing the subscription at this time as the course and your teachings have armed me with the tool set to successfully fish on my own.

I appreciate all your wisdom and mentor ship. Tell the regulars I said hi.

Best regards,

Judd, just wanted to drop in and say thank you for all the knowledge you’ve shared. The class has made the biggest difference in my trading, and starting to really see the results. Obviously still have a lot to learn and will continue to learn every day but have taken a huge step in the right direction thanks to what you’ve taught 🙏🏻

Hi Judd,

Just want to thank you for all your work and help over the years. It’s helped me NOT blow up my account many times. I hope you get a hall pas soon-you deserve it!