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A.M. Look 4/29/22

Month end. Amazon elected the sell stops of the past two years. Support starts around 2500. Apple is trading around its 200 DMA. Spoo will need a 4225 print to rollover again. Nasd..13,500 is now closing resistance. Yra asked the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/29/22

Volatility is definitely up. I was surprised the Indices retraced their entire range for the week in 5 hours and then gave it up. Discipline is your friend. You can make money from both sides of the market but you … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/8/22

Today’s capital flow changed direction after London with a double bottom in the Spoo’s matching the gap fill in TSLA.Grain names went vertical, including a 10+ percent move in IPI. Robert pointed out to the room that this was the … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/7/22

Tonight I’m enclosing a long conversation with esteemed room fellows. The conversation covers everything on our radar in the near future. https://youtu.be/gGN8jOvTClY I do not have read on the indices going into tomorrow. Conceptually the room likes Australian Equities. The Futures … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/29/22

It’s risk on world led by rising rates in Europe, which has given a bids to the Euro. Spreads are on a mission into Thursday Qtr End. Live Podcast on YouTube – Zoltan Pozsar and Yra Harris Tues Mar 29 … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/8/22

Spoo/Bond 2669-79is the Qtrly breakdown level.2669 is Pit U.S. session. The wild trade will continue as horror is inflicted on the Ukrainian people and the scum of the earth figure out how to profiteer from their misery! There is no … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:8:22

A.M. Look 2/9/22

Spoo…4535.25 is initial support. resistance is just shy of the matrix @ the channel line. Spoo/Bond spread resistance is 2988. Gold is at initial resistance in the mid 1830’s. FRA interview with YRA & Faber https://youtu.be/IwQMIX8S45Y

A.M. Look 1/26/22

Yra sent me a piece from the Telegraph today. It was a damning condemnation of Germany and France in which the Prichard says the Germans want closer ties with Russia. Germany and France will not use the swift system as … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/26/22

Spoo need to hold above 4325, which is the reversal # on the 100X3. Yra dropped in to discuss tomorrow. Yra says to pay attention to the Canadian rate decision in the A.M. for potential language for FOMC. Will Powell … Continue reading