A.M. Look 3/20/20

Nasd/Bonds broke out above the past two weeks momentum resistance.

Spoo/Bonds are just above.
It’s a long day with looming bad news over the weekend.

Let the games begin.

Spoo’s...2500 was the launch level in 2017 for this past Bull phase.
It will be a closing resistance level.

DAX & Euro Stoxx 50 have rallied to momentum resistance.

Gold is finally responding to stimulus. Matrix to matrix trading.

If you paid attention to Yra’s late comments in the recording you’ll know why.


Euro...after the biggest one way move without a reversal on the 25X3 in recent memory (600 Points), we saw a relief rally for a reversal.

EUR/AUD is @ yesterday’s lows into momentum and fib support.

Loonie Futures rallied with Oil to momentum resistance.

Oil rallied to momentum resistance.

Grains and Meats are showing strength. Wheat has the best pattern with an ORH week working.

The operative question; Is it a rally to nowhere.
Do your homework!!!!!!!

My focus is where the most members are playing.

Lockdown is brutal for the rest of the tribe in my house.
The natives are getting restless!

Good luck to everyone on their home front.

Be safe!

The matrix course will be starting up again Sunday @ 11:00 A.M.

These sessions are recorded and watermarked for members.


I am completely beside myself. The stuff you have taught me and I absorbed 😊
It fucking works!  I am sitting here with little stress trading fast moving markets Matrix to Matrix, sometimes sprinkling in an OR level.
Just amazing… and nice thing about it is when I go back to full time job, I will be able to work this without need to sit at computer.

Thanks again!

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