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A.M. Look 4/24/20

I’m seeing engulfing Bullish signals in Equity Indices. Spoo,Nasd,Mini Dow,Dax,Euro Stoxx. Point & Figure charts show this is the top of value again. One of the guys in the room asked me what was next. My response was that I … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 4/13/20

Daily Market Intelligence 4-13-20

A.M. Look 3/27/20

European Indices show the possibility of an ORL day. Gold needs to form up again. You need only look @ Gold/Silver to see the corrective move. Looking to re buy. Will have patience. The board is a trade by the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/20/20

Nasd/Bonds broke out above the past two weeks momentum resistance. Spoo/Bonds are just above. It’s a long day with looming bad news over the weekend. Let the games begin. Spoo’s…2500 was the launch level in 2017 for this past Bull … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/3/20

Spoo…3234-6 is resistance matching the daily ORL. Gaps; 3207.10.      3186-94. Initial Downside target for this swing is 3199. DJI…Initial Downside target for this swing is 28,377 Nasd 100 has not elected downside targets. 8769.50 is the reversal #. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/16/19

Daily Market Intelligence 12-16-19

A.M Look 12/3/19

Expect more news driven trading as insults and accusations are the order of the day @ NATO. Judd’s room will open late, closer to 12:00 CDT Risk spreads are rolling over. Spoo’s & Nasd 100 Futures have come into levels … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/21/19

Daily Market Intelligence 11-21-19

Daily Market Intelligence 10/31/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-31-19

A.M. Look 10/24/19

DAX is up with pattern follow through. The expectation is that Draghi will use his final press conference to urge for infrastructure spending. TSLA is crushing the shorts. 325 is the obvious retest resistance. There will be more China headlines … Continue reading