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A.M. Look 4/24/20

I’m seeing engulfing Bullish signals in Equity Indices. Spoo,Nasd,Mini Dow,Dax,Euro Stoxx. Point & Figure charts show this is the top of value again. One of the guys in the room asked me what was next. My response was that I … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/27/20

European Indices show the possibility of an ORL day. Gold needs to form up again. You need only look @ Gold/Silver to see the corrective move. Looking to re buy. Will have patience. The board is a trade by the … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/20/20

Nasd/Bonds broke out above the past two weeks momentum resistance. Spoo/Bonds are just above. It’s a long day with looming bad news over the weekend. Let the games begin. Spoo’s…2500 was the launch level in 2017 for this past Bull … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/18/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-18-19

A.M. Look 10/16/19

Spoo’s will require a print into the low 2980’s for a reversal on the 25X3. Nasd 100 will be the better lead Index. Spoo/Bonds have initially rejected its 200 DMA matching the potential double top on the 100X3 Spoo PNF. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 10/16/19

Daily Market Intelligence 10-16-19

A.M. Look 10/15/19

I’m just focusing on the Nasd 100. The spread is trading around its 200 DMA. The 100X3 shows that sustained and closing strength over the 79 Teens will be required for upside. Europe is leading with the EURO Stoxx 50 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/10/19

Daily Market Intelligence 9-10-19

A.M. Look 8/30/19

The die is cast for today into next Wednesday. The board should stay Risk On with month end markings. Don’t sell anything unless you own it first. ORH weeks abound in all the major Indices. Nasd,Spoo,DJI,DAX,Euro Stoxx 50,Nikkei Indices are … Continue reading

Midday Missive

CVS put in a nice low. IBB ran the monthly ORL sell stops and reversed. Bullish EXEL put in a tradable low. Chips were bought early. I bought AMD May 28 Calls ..currently flat the calls Gold rolled over leaving … Continue reading