A.M. Look 3/27/20

European Indices show the possibility of an ORL day.

Gold needs to form up again.

You need only look @ Gold/Silver to see the corrective move.

Looking to re buy. Will have patience.

The board is a trade by the numbers affair.
If you don’t have the sheets you are flying totally blind.

If you’re trading for ticks or few a few points in the indices you are
out to lunch.

This is a time frame capital flow trade from major level to major level.

If you have the sheets you have the levels.

Expect two flows again today.

The end of the day it really gets down to weekend risk.

Spoo’s rallied back to its 200 WMA and a whole 30% retest of the recent decline.

Turn off the imbeciles on T.V. I turned them off 6 months ago and I’m better off for it.

Sentient thought has only been disseminated by Yra in this room.

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