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Daily Market Intelligence 10/14/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-14-20

Daily Market Intelligence 10/13/20

Daily Market Intelligence 10-13-20

A.M. Look 10/9/20

China came back and so did the Yuan against its other pairs. All about China creating a tradable Bond market. We’ll discuss this and other things in the room today. EUR/CHN is of interest into its averages because the Euro … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/7/20

Maybe he’ll change his mind when they adjust his meds again. Keep your track shoes on. It’s a trade. Spoo…filled out the 50X3 to the downside and reversed back up. Hourly resistance is in the high 70’s. Better Point & … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/30/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-30-20

A.M. Look 9/29/20

In the news; deflation talk out of Europe. Metals rallied on the deflation theme along with the potential of Congress acting on stimulus. The correlation continues with Currencies and Metals trading with U.S, Indices. CHF/JPY…bottomed @ its 200 DMA with … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/24/20

Strong Greenback is correlating with sellers in the Commodity sector. Spoo’s have a potential double bottom and would need a 3243.75 print for any recovery. Russell is bouncing off its Matrix level. 1456.62 is today’s 200 DMA A close above … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/24/20

Daily Market Intelligence 9-24-20

A.M. Look 9/23/20

Spoo…3320’s is near term resistance to work through. Daily Continuation shows the rollover gap @ 3326.25 – 3341.75. I’m looking for the Spoo’s to fill the gap and over run it to the upside by 10-15 points. Spoo denominated in … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/17/20

Spoo’s & Nasd traded unchanged on the week. Spoo/Bond held just above its 50 DMA Nasd/Bond currently below. Spoo/Nasd..put in an ORH day in. The spread is sustaining in the cloud. Looking for more. Spoo…will now do a little dance … Continue reading