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Daily Market Intelligence 6/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:8:22

Daily Market Intelligence 4/18/22

Indices are weak. Nasd can’t overcome the Bond yields. Semiconductors act terrible. Agra,Fertilizer, and Utilities remain a haven bid. Dollar index showed ORH at the top of a move which has me monitoring the Euro, which closed right on its … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:8:22

A.M. Look 3/7/22

Markets are trying to back and fill. From Oil to GoldinEuro, instruments are trying to back and fill their respective weekly gaps. The game of chicken with the Fed begins. Spoo…4325 is the reversal # on the 100X3 Palladium broke … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/3/21

Tomorrow is payrolls Friday. I’m interested to see how the Indices hold after the release. Russell has been running the show. Yesterday’s puke was good enough for that to be a low for a while. Financials have been out of … Continue reading

A.M. Look 11/9/21

Europe is strong with yields dropping. Chip stocks are up. I’ll spend some time looking at the grains before today’s crop report. This week has potential to be an inflection point.

Daily Market Intelligence 10/15/21

Daily Market Intelligence 10-15-21

Daily Market Intelligence 9/14/21

Sept Grains expire. Canadian Dollar expiry Oil needs to sustain for an upside breakout. Natgas had a big upside day which would not be something I’d chase. I have room for 5.50 but I would not recommend the chase. Spoo…simply … Continue reading

A.M. look 7/27/21

Google, FB, AMZN & AAPL make up 25% of the Spoo. Good luck shorting into earnings. Grains are showing bottoming patterns and buying interest overnight

A.M. Look 7/22/21

It’s shaping up to be a difficult day. Spoo’s are overextended into the overnight high. Mind the Pit gaps. Grains have lost their bid albeit Corn is still holding against the Yuan. The Canola Oil news out of Brazil is … Continue reading