The Late Show

Rip city..

There are so many ORH patterns at work i can’t keep track.

Globex session U.S. indices have ORH’s.

U.S. session does not.



Oil and most of the energy patch all have ORH patterns working.

APC & CLR are two favorites in the Energy space

Euro & Aussie have bottoming patterns.

FLR,HON,,PYPL,MMM,YUM,ABBV,COTY have some of the better patterns with room to the upside.

All the steel names are in play.

FCX is running with Copper

Contrary to main stream bloviators, this is not the price action you get in a bear market.

Rule #1 still applies….No chasing or initiating new longs at the end of the day. iI’s still Wednesday.

You won’t miss anything by waiting out the closing time frame into tomorrow

Spu’s 25X3 2607 then the 50 DMA

Nasd 100 Mini’s…buy breaks looking for another 100 Points


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