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A.M. Look 7/16/20

Mid-Week Shuffle is in full swing. AMZN weekly ORL sell stops @ 2930 will run the Nasd. Spoo/Nasd is putting in a 20 yr. Lower low. Thanks Andrew for keeping our eye on the ball! Spoo/Bond and Nasd Bond have … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/13/20

Wimi is a China name that took off last night. The rest of the standouts are in Biotech. Nasd 100…10,837.25 is this weeks gap fill. Spoo’s…follow the yellow brick Road. Spoo/Bond Pit shows a spot of contention @ 17946 Copper … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/7/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-7-20

A.M. Look 7/6/20

SHCOMP led off the Full Moon with a another blistering rally. Silver picked up where Gold left off. Copper is breaking above its weekly cloud. Follow the yellow brick road. Nasd 100 has come close enough to my initial target … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/6/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-6-20

A.M. Look 7/2/20

Spoo/Bonds are trading @ its 200 WMA. Nasd/Bonds are set to close above its break away gap from February. Spoo..Pit gap 3153.50-3168.50 Spoo unfilled weekly breakaway gap is 3259.50-3328.50 Euro is basing. Copper is starting to pick up momentum with … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/2/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-2-20

A.M. Look 6/29/30

Metals contracts have rolled. Silver & Copper (U) Sept. Platinum…(V) Active daily Continuation charts would’ve picked this up. Spoo’s are caught between the major mvg averages. Last night’s low was its 50 DMA. 3019.51 is the 200 DMA 3025 print … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/15/20

Daily Market Intelligence 6-15-20

Daily Market Intelligence 6/11/20

Daily Market Intelligence 6-11-20