A.M. Look 12/26/19

Phil..Spoo & 30 yr Bonds have been going in the same direction since 1982.

The spreads show us divergence on both long and short time frames that gives us great trading opportunities.

The lower the rates the eventual follow to higher highs by the Equity markets.

Yuan is parked @ 7. Don’t obsess over it.

Silver is breaking out against the Gold on a monthly chart.
This is wildly bullish the precious metals.

December metals expire tomorrow. Expect strength into tomorrow afternoon.

Copper…take it one level to the next. Should retest 3.01 if its good.

A word of caution from Yra…Phil this is a response from your questions.

I don’t place great meaning in it as may be a result of excess dollars going into year end or just trying to mark the books with a fixed YUAN at a level that suits financial needs for accounting purposes—CQG is showing at 1.12 49 high in the EURO cash so what credibility do you put in the thin end of year trading—-but I think the first part is more correct as the Chinese will mark wherever their needs are met—-and in thin markets when many algos close down be careful of what you see

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