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Daily Market Intelligence 3/14/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:14:22

A.M. Look 3/8/22

Spoo/Bond 2669-79is the Qtrly breakdown level.2669 is Pit U.S. session. The wild trade will continue as horror is inflicted on the Ukrainian people and the scum of the earth figure out how to profiteer from their misery! There is no … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:8:22

Daily Market Intelligence 3/2/22

Spoo …macro levels have not changed. Spoo/Bond is not promising for the bulls. There is a lot going on between tonight and tomorrow’s Powell speech. Gold needs to sustain up here for much higher targets.

A.M. Look 3/1/22

Bonds are running the board. 30 yr. is coming to the bottom of the cloud. I’m still in March. ALL the volume is in June which is lead Month. June is 2 full points above the March!!! Now which chart your … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/18/22

Daily Market Intelligence 2:18:22

Daily Market Intelligence 2/15/22

Daily Market Intelligence 2:15:22

A.M. Look 1/28/22

April (J) Gold is front month. It’s trading 2 dollars over FEB (G). 2755 is today’s Spoo/Bond 200 DMA. Aussie is showing ORL month. Monday is month end! Spoo has traded to its 4260 qtly ORL level which today lines … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 1/24/22

The down is not over. The models are neutral and will go to negative on a rally to nowhere after the Fed. Spoo 100X3 is just hanging on by a thread. Markets move from one matrix level to the next!! … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/4/22

Pattern follow through. Yen crosses reversed after the bear trap in AUD/JPY. 2.05 is today 200 DMA in the 30 Yr. Yield. 30 Yr. Futures…156.29 is the top of the monthly cloud You’re looking for back and fill to buy. … Continue reading