A.M. Look 9/18/20

Matrix classes for the 3rd qtr. start up Tuesday @ 2 CDT at which time the room will close early.

It’s not too late to get the full set of recordings and join in the live sessions.

It’s the end of the week with the Euro steady.

Yen is the big winner. Yra has been all over it.

Spoo’s are 30 points higher on the week.
Nasd is 82 points higher on the week.

Copper, Gold, Silver currently higher on the week.

Many market participants will be calling it an early day for the Jewish New Year.

The room will be open.

The next DMI will be published Monday night for Tuesday trade.

Food for thought;

Whatever prices you see today you’ll see again over the next week and a half.

You won’t be missing anything.

It’s singles time.

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