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Daily Market Intelligence 6/9/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:9:22

Daily Market Intelligence 6/6/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:6:22

Daily Market Intelligence 6/2/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:2:22

A.M. look 4/11/22

Indices are coming into support with Nasd Matrix within striking distance of qtly matrix. GoldinYen leading Metals complex. Gold/Silver into averages. Silver is¬†leadiing. Oil…Pit gap trading. 30 Yr. Futures look to gap lower. Kansas City Wheat….11.644 is the start of … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 3/29/22

Natgas & Metals expire There is absolutely nothing that says bearish Equities. Nasd/Bond closed 2021 @ 10209. I would expect the spread to be marked higher on the year going into Thursday Qtr end. We spent time analyzing the Yen … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/28/22

Yen..interest rate differentials 101. 125 USDJPY is a big level from the way back machine. Fibs show the 140 level however 132-134 will be monster. It is an event level. This is the place all the masters of the universe … Continue reading

A.M. Look 1/4/22

Pattern follow through. Yen crosses reversed after the bear trap in AUD/JPY. 2.05 is today 200 DMA in the 30 Yr. Yield. 30 Yr. Futures…156.29 is the top of the monthly cloud You’re looking for back and fill to buy. … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-11-21

A.M. Look 11/1/21

Gap and go. Make sure you start selling because the indices can’t possible go any higher! My A.M. levity! The most back and fill you’re looking for is to the¬†weekly Pit breakaway gap in the Spoo. Yen/Yuan shows more RMB … Continue reading

The Late Show

This in lieu of tonight’s DMI. Technical models that had a chance of changing direction have not. Models are up. It’s long the world in assets denominated in Yen. We’ve been featuring these looks for days. The more I look … Continue reading