A.M. Look 7/3/19

Tomorrow’s news Today…Money for Nothing


FBTP…in yesterday’s conversation with Yra & PAX laid out the price action for the next target.
I certainly didn’t think they’d be up 180 points to the level overnight.

Gold…tagged the 1440 level twice last night. This is a sticky level. It’s sticky for a variety of reasons not least of which is that it completed a swing objective based solely on the June qtrly close.

I love those equidistant targets.

EuroinGold is trading through the July 12 qtrly breakdown low which is a positive for follow through.

Indices will be all about how they hold on a break. The later it gets in the session the lower probability you will see any type of mean reversion trade.

Spoo/Bonds trading right @ its 200 DMA and the bottom of the cloud.
Nasd 100 & Russell/Bonds look more constructive at these levels.

Judd’s Room will open just after 7 and close app 8:45.
Judd’s Room will reopen for unenjoyment on Friday.

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