A.M. Look 7/2/20

Spoo/Bonds are trading @ its 200 WMA.

Nasd/Bonds are set to close above its break away gap from February.

Spoo..Pit gap 3153.50-3168.50
Spoo unfilled weekly breakaway gap is 3259.50-3328.50

Euro is basing.

Copper is starting to pick up momentum with a weakening Dollar

Volumes will dramatically drop off after London.

It will be just a few of us in our bathrobes and the bots.

Don’t fight the flow.

Plungers….Good luck. I doubt you’ll get much

Stan’s Corner; Courtesy of CQG
Stan goes into the differences in chart types and what can be gleaned from the various looks.

I’m always going over these during rollovers. Now you have it on a video to reference.

Yra and I learn something new from Stan every time we interact.

We’ll do more of these.

Yra and I always preach the same thing ” If you don’t know ask!”

Stan’s the guy to ask!

Thank you CQG.


Trading Unfiltered W/Yra Harris Episode 79


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