A.M. look 3/2/18

The technical models for the U.S. Indices are trying to roll over again.

DAX,FTSE Euro Stoxx 50 are all well below their respective weekly ORL #’s. DAX is getting into oversold territory.

SMH...weekly ORH 102.81

XLK weekly ORH  66.70

XLF weekly ORH  28.62

AMZN weekly ORH 1446.75.

Below are the Spu & Nasd with Weekly ORL the prices.
Every chart looks similar.

Do not get sucked into early day rallies,
for early day rallies that fail to follow through will be followed by end of the day pukes.

It’s the end of the day that counts.

Look for another big 2 way trade.

Spu’s  weekly

Nasd 100 weekly,

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