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A.M. Look 9/21/21

Yesterday’s Spoo low is confirmed on the 100X3. It will take all new weakness under yesterday’s low to break anywhere. The first assault on the Friday-Monday Pit breakdown gap has so far failed. The probe was close to the .618 … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/21/21

Daily Market Intelligence 9:21:21

Daily Market Intelligence 9/2/21

Late day we took a small flyer on some puts in the QQQ for Friday just because it’s Wednesday. We chose the Puts so its a pass line bet. You either win or you lose the premium, but the loss … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 9/1/21

Tomorrow our focus will be on guaging early buying interest in the Indices. I’ve been pounding the table for days that Amazon had bottomed. There remains a huge overhead gap that Amazon is going to fill. If you think you … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/30/21

Amazon is trading close to the bottom of the daily cloud , which is initial support. Spoo…shows a consolidation pattern on the 50X3. It will take sustained price action under the 200 hourly @ 4371.80 for lower. Indices are still … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/30/21

Daily Market Intelligence 7:30:21

Daily Market Intelligence 7/28/21

Daily Market Intelligence 7:28:21

A.M. look 7/27/21

Google, FB, AMZN & AAPL make up 25% of the Spoo. Good luck shorting into earnings. Grains are showing bottoming patterns and buying interest overnight

A.M. look 7/26/21

It’s a big week ahead with the FANG earnings and FOMC Wednesday. Month end is Friday. Natgas & Copper are continuing upward. Copper remains positive after last weeks ORH. Price action below 4.40 will have the Bulls rethink positioning. Bitcoin … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/14/21

Spoo…shows a double bottom @ 4350. It will take all new weakness below to break.AMZN…3697-02 will be pivotal al day.Gold will need to sustain over 1825 mvg avg resistance to go anywhere. Gold/Yen is @ resistance.Gold has the beginnings of … Continue reading