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Daily Market Intelligence 3/15/22

Daily Market Intelligence 3:15:22

A.M. Look 12/10/21

Crude is holding its qtly pivot which is now lining up with its 200 DMA.  (support) Etherium held cloud support. Risk to own is the over night low. I’m going to keep an eye on the semi’s for clues to … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 12/07/21

Swiss National Bank set the early tone today by intervening in EUR/CHF which translated into a buying of big cap U.S. equities. It was noteworthy that the intervention happened right on the U.S. equity opening so the SNB could sterilize … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 11//30/21

Month end. Semi’s and Big cap tech lead. Spoo’s will need a 4675 print to confirm Friday’s low, which should just about line up with Spoo/Bond weekly ORL retest.

Daily Market Intelligence 11/11/21

Daily Market Intelligence 11-11-21

A.M. Look 11/9/21

Europe is strong with yields dropping. Chip stocks are up. I’ll spend some time looking at the grains before today’s crop report. This week has potential to be an inflection point.

Daily Market Intelligence 10/22/21

Daily Market Intelligence 10-22-21

Daily Market Intelligence 10/19/21

Daily Market Intelligence 10-19-21

A.M. Look 10/14/21

Energy reports this A.M. It’s an everything up morning. Materials have a  bottoming pattern. Spoo is into initial resistance. European debt shows a bottoming pattern which means money for nothing trade is back on. Let the day set up.

Daily Market Intelligence 9/28/21

Energy, Chips, Financials and reopening names were in play. KRE is attempting an ORH month. So are some of the names. Copper miners played out well from Friday. FXI & KWEB put in ORH days. Watching for follow through since … Continue reading