A.M. Look 3/14/14


Nasd 100…(H) 3635 is a potential weekly double bottom with stops below. This is a go or no go area.
DB…is working on an ORL qtr with a month end close below 45.
DAX…(H) caution back over 9010.

Bund...(M) needs over 143.80 to trade 144.40
USD/JPY…is going to struggle to get through 101.20 (app 98.80 Futures)
Euro…caution back over 139.05
Oil…is going sideways at the 50 day mvg avg relieving it’s oversold condition. It’s stuck on the point & Figure between 97.67 & 99.00
Grain futures expire today
General Comments orValuable Insight

Yra Harris, http://yragharris.com/2014/03/13/banking/, wrote an eloquent piece last night on the state of many of the world banks and the so called financial intelligentsia who try to push trades on the unsuspecting public.


He’s always worth reading and one of the few sentient beings that appear on Financial T.V.
Point of fact; he’s one of  the few people I actually turn up the sound for.
You’ve got weekly options expiring today which could make the later afternoon trade very different than the London capital flow.
We’ve mapped out the world, let’s see what happens.
Opening Range Time Frame Trading again today.
Short Term View…
Keep trading to make money. The opportunity will be in individual names.

Individual stocks look to be an easier read based off their own technical s.

We are Neutral Equities.



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