A.M. Look 9/5/19

It pays to read and listen to YRA!!!

Not only do you have matches @ the 50 Qtly MA in the Silver, the 100X3 showed the potential of a double top.

Now you see that Gold/Silver is showing a reversal pattern from a very oversold condition.

This party appears to be ending with a risk on board.

It’s ben a nice ride.

Spoo/Bonds. weekly. I’ve shown the pit and the Globex session.

You can clearly see that it will take a lot for the spreads to catch up with the Indices.

The spreads lows all held their respective 21 EMA’s last night on the lows.
Spreads are positive.

Macro buy stops have been run.

Let’s see how much FOMO there is early.

30 Yr. (U) Sept near term pivot will be 165.15.
Use it as a barometer for the spread/not a hard trading level!!!!!

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