A.M. Look 4/6/20

A little good news goes a long way.

With  Full Moon tomorrow night @ the start of the Holidays the rest of the week
should be telling.

Spoo/Bonds & Nasd/Bonds are currently above their respective 21 DMA’s.
The spreads have been banging up against it for a week and failing.

Today is the first day since the 2/21/20 breakdown that shows stabilization in the spreads.

We’ll see.

Trade the market level to level and forget about whether the ultimate bottom has been put in.

I Listen to Yra!!!

In his latest podcast with Crudele he spoke about the Oats, the kind you eat.
In fact, it’s the Rice that has had the biggest move to the upside.

I’ll start to pay more attention.

Gold…is strongest against the Euro & Yuan.
It will need to sustain above last night’s high to breakout again in U.S. Dollar terms on the long-term Point & Figure.

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