A.M. Look 4/3/20

Due to the calendar tabulating the unemployment rate, the disaster numbers won’t hit until Aprils #’s.

Healthcare showed green shoots yesterday. I’m not in any hurry to jump on board.
Let everything settle out a bit before you make any moves.

You must always access every instrument singularly and individually based off its own technical s to codify risk.

If you don’t know ask.

Dollars are being bought against all currencies.

Oil.. needs to hold a retest to 25.24, the weekly ORH#, to be believed.

WPX...an Adam Johnson pick, want s to put in an ORH week.

GoldinEuros has to hold after the # to not see profit taking. It’s sitting right on daily momentum.

Indices; Nasd 100 is basically unchanged in the week.
Spoo’s are down 26 points, which is 15 minutes worth of price action.

I’m not handicapping today’s race.

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