A.M. Look 2/25/19

News that Trump & Xi can work it out buoyed the overnight session.

Spu’s…2812 was an old target coming into the 4th qtr of last year.
Expect price rejection into the level.

The shorts will be forced to cover above and the bears will be forced to rethink their thesis.
Closing above this level will see the Spu/Bond spreed solidly above its 200 DMA.

Expect the Indices to be firm into Month end Thursday.

Copper & Aussie are setting up for another run.
I will be monitoring these two risk indicators for breakouts.

Spu & Nasd will have pit gaps on the higher opening.

Nasd 100 will stay in a bull trend above 7072, its 200 DMA.

Long KWEB..Pending price action,I will be taking profits close to 49
Long Spy Calls…I will be rolling out of these after the opening and looking
to buy Futures of Spy’s on a gap fill.

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