A.M. Look 1/22/19

Indices are mostly trying to back and fill to their respective 50 DMA’a.

Spu’s have a pit gap @ 2645-47. Price action into 2630 is needed for
a reversal on the long-tern P&F.

Looking for a gap fill over the next 2 sessions.

Nasd 100 has retested its ORH pattern from Thursday.
6638 would fill out the P&F to retest the trend line breakout again.

Equity/Bond spreads are all close to their respective 50 DMA’s.
This will make selling weakness a tough go.

Oil expiration is today.
54.45 is closing resistance on the short and Long-term P&F

Gold is in a corrective phase.
A close over 1289 mvg average cluster is needed to turn it back up.

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