Judd’s Room 1/21/19

Judd’s Room 2019 1-20

Dear Judd, here is your 2019 1-20  Judd’s Room Update.

                                                 What is it?

Judd’s room is a Q&A session for members, which starts before the New York Stock Exchange opens.

It’s a place for RIA’s, Private Investors, and Daytraders to get a market overview and ask risk management questions about sectors or names they’ve an interest.

The session starts with me highlighting the key market drivers while you’re watching my screens.

You see what I see as I explain the possibilities and the risks involved in specific instruments.

We cover Currencies, Bonds, Commodities & Equities

The beauty of the room is that you get an unbiased view where trades are articulated for the investor as well as the short-term trader.

1998-2002 I had similar morning meetings with my proprietary trading group.

You get the benefit of wisdom and experience from a market veteran with 40+ years of experience

Judd’s Room 2019 1-20 Update for Long-Term Investors/RIA’s

12/3/18 alerted investors to sell all remaining long exposure or have a hedging strategy after the G20 meeting.
S&P broke 400 points

Our risk models went from Neutral to Bearish for the first time since the inception of WhiteWave in 2010.

12/26/18 recommended that RIA’s buy long exposure that needed to be added
to portfolio allocation before first of year Mutual Fund buying.

1/2/19 our technical models turned positive for the first time since mid October.
The risk models went from Bearish to Neutral.

We were looking for an initial 160 point S&P 500 trading rally to just shy of 2500.

1/9/19 we published an addendum to the rally stating two good closes over 2500 would elect another rally of similar length posting 2670 as the next upside target.

Medium-term view; we have hit upside Index objectives which put us in a defensive mode.

There has been much sector rotation within this rally with distinct winners and losers. Some names like (NFLX) are up 30% far outpacing the indices.

NFLX was featured twice in our research when our A.I. identified the arbs buying Netflix and selling Disney the last week of December 2018 and continuing through the first week of the year.

Going into February we’re expecting profit taking.

Judd’s Room 2019 1-20 Update for Short-Term Investors

We came into December with Long exposure which was sold the first Monday of the Month.

12/26/18 we moved to a “buy before you sell” bias due to the oversold condition of the market.

December-January short-term trades.

11/30  Long LVS DEC 21 Call @ $1.85
           Long FXI  DEC 7 43 Call @ .37
12/3   Sold  LVS DEC 21 Call @ $3.85
Sold  FXI  DEC 7 43 Call @ .46

12/3 Clients were told this was an inflection high after G20 and to liquidate Longs.
The S&P 500 broke 400 points over the next 4 weeks

12/4 Long JNJ Dec 18 21 Calls @ $3.28
Sold  JNJ Dec 18 21 Calls @ $4.72

12/19 Long UNH @ 253.60
Sold 1/2 UNH @ 256.11
Sold 1/2 UNH @ 253.64 Stop

12/20 Sold MSFT @ 102.41
Bought MSFT @ 99.70

12/27 Long NXPI @ 71.07
Sold NXPI @ 70.77 worst discipline all year. It’s up big.

January we featured Service names, Chips, Energy, Healthcare and Brazil

1/2  Long SPY @ 246.12
Sold SPY @ 246.89

1/4  Long EWZ @ 41.04
Sold  EWZ @ 41.89

1/8  Sold TLT @ 121.57
Long TLT 121 Jan11 Put @ .31

1/9 Bought TLT @ 121.10
Sold TLT 121 Jan11 Put @ .36

1/10 Long SPY @ 256.70

         Sold  SPY @ 258.02

1/15 Featured UNH as a buy anywhere (after-before earnings)
SHOP & ADSK featured. Bid for Shopify mid spread was unfilled @ 151.56
7 dollars up in a straight line.

1/16  Bought and sold VXX & SPY for a push.
Long PBR @ 15.18
Long SQQQ @ 13.94

1/17  Sold SQQQ premarket @ 14.21app 48 Nasd points. This ETF does not track!
Long MSFT @ 105.51
Sold MSFT @ 105.95 after meeting seeing the Nasd & AMZN high
Long EWG @ 26.14

1/18  Sold EWG @ 26.58
Sold 1/2 PBR @ 15.55

Fan Mail;

Judd I really enjoy your trading room. I find all your comments to be worthwhile
and demonstrate a deep understanding of how markets work.

I wish I had joined you sooner!

The exposure we receive from just reading does not do your work justice.
I find that you use a totally different terminology and approach that needs time for newbies like me to grasp and appreciate.

For me its all the comments you make in the room to explain and provide depth to the analysis.

I feel I’m at the beginning of the learning curve for what you are presenting. I will
not make many comments but rest assured I am paying close attention to what you are saying.

Keep up the good work and have patience with beginners like me.


It always amazes me that you’ll give a target in an instrument that seems improbable
and then the level is traded.

I’ve learned to trust what I hear. I’ve seen it happen too many times
to still be skeptical.


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