A.M. Look 8/31/20

Month end.

Spoo…the 100X3 has not had a reversal in 300 points. From the March low the longest move was 400 Points.

Copper…remains bid above 3.00. One matrix level to the next.

Commonwealth Bank in Australia dropped out of its multi decade channel as Australia dips into recession.

Australia has a split personality with resource rich West coast doing well as the East coast struggles with covid lockdown.

Corn…elected the monthly ORH buy stops. 3.69-3.71 is Mvg average resistance and the exit zone the first time up.

Soybeans…10.07 is the 200 MMA

In the news

Yra thought we should review this Crudele video with Krushal Thaker.
Yra Harris, Kushal Thaker, Clare Crowley, Dan & Dan

•Jul 28, 2019

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