A.M. Look 8/21/20

What’s up?

Kal’s subset of tradable Tech option names.

The rest of the Board is struggling with 3400 Spoo + a double top on the 50X3.

Jeffe has been playing the Spoo like he’s Itzhak Perlman playing his Strat.

Spoo/Bond wil be monitored for late day pattern.

AMD, Shop and a few others had ORH days. Monitor all these names for early breakdowns or lack of follow through.

Dollar is bid. Andrew and Yra have been discussing this for the past couple of days.

Silver is winding up on the 100X3. No clue which way it comes out of here at the moment.

It is looking iffy (possible ORL’s) against the Euro & Yuan. Pay attention to its spreads against the FX pairs for a breakdown.

Gold 100X3rolled over as I’m writing. it will take all new strength above last night’s high to turn up.

The entire board is being unwound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael; if you’re around today we have some China questions and options questions we’d like you to weigh in on.

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