A.M. Look 8/11/20

Russell & Small caps are having their day.

Spoo & Dji against the Nasd are approaching mvg avg resistance.
Something to pay attention to for shorter time frame trading today.

Euro…attempting an ORH daily pattern.
This needs closing confirmation over the matrix #

GOLD/DJI…ran into 200 Month mvg avg resistance.

Gold/Nasd 100 has two unfilled gaps. June-July gap up and July-Aug.
With a hot Monthly RSI metals traders should take note that this could lead to more profit taking in the metals.

Gold/Euro looks to be corrective.
Gold/Yuan has the potential to be more significant.

The question is; does an ORL at the top of a move in a commodity have more weighting than Indices that have ignored technical topping patterns for the past 10 years.

Spoo…3357.25 gap fill.

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