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Daily Market Intelligence 6/8/22

Daily Market Intelligence 6:8:22

A.M. Look 5/20/22

China eases and Toyota says it would be happy with the Yen between 116-122. Spoo’s require a 3950 print for a a reversal on the 100X3. 50X3 has room for a move to 3975. Russell low was the 2018 high … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/13/22

I have no interest in picking a high today. The mid-week price action is that of a market trying to find footing, albeit a lagging indicator, it will take into mid-week next to play out. Expecting a two way trade … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/11/22

Wednesday Rules. Crude and Gold denominated in Yuan are both at critical must hold levels. Violations tonight into tomorrow could see the unwinding of more Commodity Yuan based trades. Gold needs to¬†holding the mid 1820’s or it will retest its … Continue reading

A.M. Look 5/10/22

Bonds followed through to the upside with European debt instruments leading the rebound. Follow the methodology. Yesterday I keyed off the green balance line on the Monthly & Qtrly Russell as support. Other big cap names are doing the same … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 5/2/22

We’re experiencing a weekly closing matrix breakdown in Russell & Spoo. Nasd has yet to confirm the next swing lower. Spoo selloff shows a possible bounce level just above 4100 on the 100X3. There is currently two primary Fib swings … Continue reading

A.M. Look 4/13/22

Oil inventories with a 30 Yr. Bond auction today. Spoo below yesterday’s low triggers more selling. Russell; 100X3 will need under 1974 ish to break.

Daily Market Intelligence 4/1/22

Daily Market Intelligence 4:1:22

A.M. Look 1/6/22

Let’s get to the rat killing. Spoo*30 Yr. Yield has elected the 40 yr. buy stops . 30 Yr. Yield is at cloud resistance. 30 Yr. Futures have a different with stops 2 points lower. Last nights Spoo low was … Continue reading

A.M. Look 12/16/21

This A.M. sets up one of the hardest of all trading scenarios. A gap and go in a Bull market mid-week. We’re dealing with a 30 point Pit Gap up in the Spoo. The bottoming patterns from yesterday are following … Continue reading