A.M. Look 7/2/14


Equity Indices have hit my upside tgt’s. The players are all
Long and many instruments are getting short term over extended


Yra wrote this piece last night and it’s well worth reading!
This A.M.’s Yellen comments have the potential to have traders re-access their risk profiles before the long weekend.





​106.20 is resistance and the upside pivot​
Small resting sell stops below 104.40 could lead to 103.30.​

General Comments or Valuable Insight

​Chicago has gone from freezing cold to me ankle deep in flood water.
I’m almost sorted out, hence my inactivity.
I’d like to buy a big break in the Gold of around 20 dollars​
​ on a retest of the ORH monthly pattern. ​
3885 is the all time high semi annual close in the Nasd 100​
10 point overrun’s are meaningless and to be expected​
​ when trading this Index​
​, nevertheless it’s the area that needs to be focused on for the next move​
Opening Range Time Frame Trading again today.
Short Term View…
Keep trading to make money. The opportunity will be in individual names.

Individual stocks look to be an easier read based off their own technical s.

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