A.M. Look 6/3/19

2 yr. Notes hit and filled its initial gap going back to December 2017 @ 107.057.

Oil hit its final objective last night @ 52.40. I’m now expecting a retest of its 200 WMA @ 55.36.
A print into the high 55’s should put in a bottoming formation on the 100X3 P&F.

Spoo’s & Nasd 100 have come into areas last night that should provide a bounce.

I’m looking for price action back into Spoo 200 DMA @ 2777 to put in at least a temporary low
on the 50X3 P&F.

Gold strengthened against currencies last night exceeding February levels.
It made new highs for the year against the Yuan.

I have no interest in the short side of the trading card in the Indices to start off the month

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