A.M. Look 5/8/20

Kal caught a typo on the new Matrix sheet.
The last Spoo target begins with a 3 not a 2

Spoo…Pit gap 2895
Nasd 100 Pit Gap.9126.

Spoo..filled out the top of value on the 100X3
Upside area has not changed since 2017-18

I put up the 25X3 for its granularity.

Gold..1745 is Point & Figure resistance.
Match up the level on your sheets.

Nasd/Bonds the Risk spread to watch with an ORH week working.

Euro …shows stabilization. Point& Figure shows it would take below 107.50 for more downside. It’s been a consensus short on the crosses.

Commodity ETF’s are bottoming.
I’m anticipating the worst of the Grain lethargy to be over by the end of next week.

Yra and Robb have been all over this.

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