A.M. Look 5/28/20

Right now I’m in the category of I appreciate all the help I can get from the room.

Yesterday Peter’s questions about the Metals led to some exceptional looks.

The previous sessions just had me looking at the metals as the wrong vehicle when it was sold by the algos with a risk on correlation.

A deep look of the correlations presented a very different picture.

Platinum is once again regained its 200 DMA

Gold has confirmed a trade able low vs the Euro & 30 Yr. Bonds

With the speed and distance of today’s moves it’s nice to have multiple sets of eyes viewing a vast array of instruments!

Lief has been sending me his reversal app.
We’ll get into this later in the A.M.

Trump’s war on social media and the truth is capping Nasd for now.

Euro is holding its breaks and consolidating @ its 200 DMA.
Might be a better signal Sunday night with an opening range trade going into a new month.

Keep your eye on it.

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