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A.M. Look 3/14/22

The long end of the curve is driving the board. Waiting for the next shoe to drop and that is China! Platinum is into support. Copper hit support @ 4.49. The game is afoot with a Full Moon Thursday into … Continue reading

A.M. Look 3/3/22

Oil traded the level I’ve been looking for since 2008. It was good for a $4 dollar wiggle.A # like this is always best on the first time in. You can try it again but I would not give it … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 2/10/22

Daily Market Intelligence 2:10:22

Daily Market Intelligence 2/9/22

Daily Market Intelligence 2:9:22

A.M. Look 1/20/22

Wednesday Rules, coupled with the Nasd closing on its 200 DMA, should ‘ve been enough to cover shorts and wait! The rules work! Platinum is stretched. Copper has been in a big consolidation range since Oct. Wheat put in an … Continue reading

A.M. Look 10/8/21

Last night Spoo probed both directions. Indices did not get low enough or high enough. Platinum is worth keeping an eye on. The street is looking for a big #. Be patient, It’s been a volatile couple of weeks. Do … Continue reading

A.M. Look 9/22/21

Evergrande coupon announcement stopped the Index slide last night. Platinum and Copper have rebounded into resistance. Given Powell’s propensity to throw fuel on the fire, best keep an eye to the upside today.

A.M. 9/9/21

Spoo stopped in no particular place other than into mvg average support. Same for Nasd. Dow Futures held its 50 DMA, which I find more compelling for risk management. Gold is gaining on Platinum. Maybe a sign of weakening industrial … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/13/21

Spoo’s want to print just shy of 4400. Platinum rallied with Risk assets. Disney is putting in an ORH month. I featured it early in the room. CLF,TM & Cat were highlighted coming in. They all preformed well. Nvidia, NXPI … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/6/21

Daily Market Intelligence 7:6:21