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Daily Market Intelligence 7/23/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-23-20

A.M. Look 7/22/20

It’s Wednesday, need I say more. Spoo’s would need a 3225 print to show weakness. The corporate insiders that bought in March are now selling. VIX Futures expire today. In the past this has brought about volatility. Andrew stumbled on … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/21/20

FX land; it’s the commodity currencies that are going. Canada and Aussie EWC…Canada was featured early in the room as it broke above its 200 DMA. Follow the Currency and the country ETF should follow. Silver is leading the metals … Continue reading

A.M. Look 7/20/20

Last minute wrangling saw the Europe come together on a covid rescue package. Platinum is breaking out above its 859.80 retest level. 879.80, its 200 DMA, is closing resistance. Yra’s Gold/Platinum spread worked for 9 dollars on Friday and up … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 7/20/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-20-20

Daily Market Intelligence 7/17/20

Daily Market Intelligence 7-17-20

A.M. Look 7/8/20

Mid-Week Shuffle Spoo’s..3125.75 was last weeks close. Sustained and closing price action below is needed for weakness. Gold & Silver…all systems nominal. Platinum and Palladium are approaching their respective 200 DMA’s. Platinum/Euro breaking above its 200 DMA.

A.M. Look 6/29/30

Metals contracts have rolled. Silver & Copper (U) Sept. Platinum…(V) Active daily Continuation charts would’ve picked this up. Spoo’s are caught between the major mvg averages. Last night’s low was its 50 DMA. 3019.51 is the 200 DMA 3025 print … Continue reading

Daily Market Intelligence 6/25/20

Daily Market Intelligence 6-25-20

A.M. Look 5/28/20

Right now I’m in the category of I appreciate all the help I can get from the room. Yesterday Peter’s questions about the Metals led to some exceptional looks. The previous sessions just had me looking at the metals as … Continue reading