A.M. Look 5/18/20

Let’s just take a second to comment on the delusional 60 Minutes interview from Chairman Powell;
“The time to balance budgets is in time on high employment and economic prosperity”

“Yes I watch the markets”

“Now is not the time to worry about deficits”

Then why has he been down on all fours genuflecting to Trump and the Spoo’s.

That interview was al it took to set off a scrum for hard assets as well as Index instruments.

The Fed has your back.

Oil wants to retest it’s weekly gap from March 6.

Gold is @ the next level matching up with Silver.

SilverinYuan is @ it’s 50 Qtr mvg average.
This is the one with big upside potential.

GoldinEuros has been making new AT highs for a while.

Gold itself is back up here knowing oil the door

Over the past few months traders have taken delivery on 43 million ounces of Silver.

Soybeans have a small bid. Raise the stop to break even.
GAP @ 8.475 with the 50 DMA @ 8.497.

Looking for 8.80’s

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Nasd 100 weekly gap @ 9365

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