A.M. Look 5/1/20

Markets are screaming May Day!

Yesterday Yra and I had a conversation with Richard Bonugli of Cedarportfoilo.com.
He’s the gentleman that has all those marvelous interviews with top economists and portfolio managers we love to listen to.

It started off with a Fundamental call for a lower Canadian Dollar by one of his frequent guests.

I thought EUR/AUD was the better candidate for that idea last night.

EUR/CAD is bottoming as seen on the daily & weekly charts.

Spoo & Nasd 100...the hold level the first time down is on the sheets.

Spoo’s will need to sustain and close over 2855 for recovery.
With Amazon down 150 + and AAPL down 9 .

AMZN ORL weekly # 2279.66.

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