A.M. Look 4/20/18

Here is what I see.

Mixed board..DAX & FTSE are nearing their respective 200 DMA’s

Trump is tweeting down the price of Oil.

AMZN received a PT upgrade to 1800.

USD/MXN weakened with a Risk off board yesterday to it’s 50 & 200 DMA cross, a level that can reject with U.S. Index strength.

Aussie…i think you’ve seen the bulk of the downside.

GE beat and is trading above its 50 DMA.

30 yr. Bonds …target for this down was 143.10. It got there yesterday.
Monthly macro sell stops are @ 142.30.

Be leery of an initial new low below yesterday in the Bonds as it could prove to be a trap.

VXX...anything close to its 200 DMA could cap rallies in the Indices.

What I am doing is absolutely nothing.

Short -term traders should let the day set up.

Contra trend daily moves have been coming in around 1 CDT.

30 yr. Bond Monthly



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