A.M. Look 4/30/21

Spoo will take sustained price action under the low 70’s to do any downside damage .

Currently trading slightly higher for the past two weeks.

Spoo/Bond is closing in on a convergence of averages and the bottom of the channel.

I’ll be monitoring this closely for breakdown confirmation.

Indices are all up a lot on the Month.

Only today’s closes matter in the bigger picture and the capital flows early nest week.

Copper & Lumber continues to be everyones consensus long.

Soybeans fell out of momentum on the July (N) contract and is teetering on the momo line in May (K) Matrix numbers are front month #’s.

Soybeans denominated in Real topped the 27th and is now sitting right on oscillator support.

Amazon ran the show late day and into this A.M.
Price action @ the all time high of 3560.65 will be telling.

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